Good, Bad and the Ugly

Friday, September 16th, 2016

The Good: My father-in-law’s neighbor was not stretching the truth or being a lying used car salesman when he said this handicap walker was truly worth $275 brand new. The Dolomite Legacy 600 is sleek, remarkably comfortable and durable enough to take a hell of a beating. Also, five of the eight doors in my house are still intact and do not need replacing.

The Bad: The chance of hearing that old chestnut, “luckily we got to it in time” seems more and more unlikely after an entire season, a fourth of a year, passes without diagnosis. Today I had the worst dissociative episode in eight months and I tried to break everything. Everything, ever. That’s a thing that happens once in a while, but only since I’ve been born. I wasn’t really “there” at the time it went down today, but we think it might have started because it was a Friday and the dogs were barking? Or maybe the continued lack of diagnosis after three months of rapid and relentless decline. And I would have succeeded breaking all the things and ruining the rest of the doors if not for those meddling kids and if I were still able-bodied! Then I would never have fallen right over after throwing my Dolomite through the air. Wait, you think that’s a fucking joke?

The Ugly: “Today your autoimmune panel finally came back. It’s negative. I would encourage you to get a second opinion.”

One thought on “Good, Bad and the Ugly

  1. Well I gave you mine… oh wait, you mean another doctor… The up side…you got the weekend to find another name in your list, The downside… you got the weekend to etc. In the meantime, I am sending healing prayers and a plea for clarity in all you do. God is in your corner, that is a certainty.


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