Birthday Prayer

Friday, November 4th, 2016 – 11:03 am

Today I’m only a day and a year and several long lives older. My first birthday in three decades not driving. It isn’t noon yet and a hundred have wished me happiness or love. My heart swells. I think of some of them and always will weep. An almost half decade buys you time and seers seek.

I forget day to day and for four months and moving since this sickness started stripping me away.  I remember to love. Always. You will be hurt. Love again and still and forever. A beautiful woman, the hero of my story, learned with me. God knows if I deserve the bad, but I certainly have not yet earned her good.

Walkers and ramps and dementia and drivers. Love and strength and violent pace and dreamlike states and stages of change that break fates. How much more can I break?

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