Friday, December 9th, 2016 – 9:44 am

It is day four of my cruel banishment and unreal punishment. Or is it five? I don’t even know anymore. The pain and the confusion have blurred them together.

My trusty sidekick noisily snores, finally off all fours, oblivious to the fraught danger about us. The cold. The dearth in our stores. Sleep in bliss, sweet one. How anyone could slumber in this war for simple sanity still stumps me, but you’ve earned it, girl.

The onslaught of our lone attacker continues. We ever hear the thuds and bangs of his relentless and angry assault on what was once our home. But he is wearing down. We hear his growls and cursings through both day and the night and pray it will be over soon.

It cannot last forever, could it?

I send secret messages to the beautiful girl on the other side of the trenches that we will make it through this together. I worry about her. I worry this might break her. But she is strong. Weary, but battlehardened. I catch myself smiling as I remember her candlelit eyes and our stolen twilight hours.

Only the nights give us the slightest respite. Comfort in each others arms. A hope that we survive this fight.

An epic love borne through greater fires, tests and trials than this. We will make it as we always have before, with other’s strength.

We just can’t wait for these damn laminate floors to get installed, so we can can have our home back.

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