Saturday,  January 17th, 2016 – 4:14 pm

Who was that one person? The first one that made you remember? They made you remember love like that first shove and fell, feel and tell, before hate of God or love of hell. The love that soothes, never burns, freely given, beyond the earn of urns.

The one that made you believe in a good guy or good god or a good God or a good GOD did you see that GIRL! That girl that became that woman of faith, walking outside the ages of fairy tale pages of unfairly locked cages?

What did they look like? Dark or light? Tell me their face before our minds finish their time and pace and place. I bet they were lovely. Look at the ripped photo of their sin and tell me if you still know them. Now they’re above, name me their lost loves. Gone faces filled their whole wall and they often uttered their names all. 

Were they black or white in their doctrine of write makes right? Were you there with them when we walked the saddest streets, sometimes at night? Did you hear their cries or see tears in their weary, bleary eyes? Where in heavens did you go between sighs and your other damned lies? Or were you there beside, the whole time? Right.

I remember them well before we spoke God or hell. They were powerful, they were forever locked in the ethereal. They were no longer a voice but a value, a heartbreaking heartbroken beacon that kept beaming even after she closed her eyes.

I miss them so much. A week of grieving as they keep leaving. 

If I could gather just one more like them. One bright house of light.

Please, God. My pleas apart. It’s so much colder without them and the shelter of their heart.

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