Fences and Floes

Friday, January 13th, 2017 – 12:52 am


Paddle harder
battle farther
from safety
lined shore

Addled brothers
walked awaves
trade safety
for storm

Boat turned floe
ice returned stone
return paddle
long thrown

Our voices
just winds
my last
cried stop


“Pick Your Fences”

Your smile,
onced open gate
protects the grounds

and haughty,
golden cage
projects the sounds

and sights and sighs
on bottomless nights
from your dry, bare bounds.

Lives pause time for divine
lessons for lesser lemmings
and storied moral morass.

Your codes and cries
and walls and lies,
eyes motes lodged fast.

Your boards fray and pray
and unlike today,
We may no longer pass.

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