Valentine Prayer

Friday, February 10th, 2017 – 1:57 am

Our secret

Is her

Peace for my storm
light back home
when I’m lost
each night
Reason I love
and hope
and trust
and fight
Missed the mirage
only her smile
never hurt
or cry
I fall anew
every time
sunlight hits
her eyes
Amazing strength
and grace
I beg her
let’s run away
my everything
poet’s heart
I’ll ever pray

I envy the sighted with either mind or heart or both quieted.
It’s too wrathful with both awake.
Those too proud to pick will write poems and prayers.
We dutifully and daily don Sisyphean pens and roll our hearts up page again.
We find faith an image will ink and inch closer to the top of the truth, better bleeding love and pain on the page.
I’ve only loved one woman and forever will.
I lust daily for better words to say it still.
I should show you how she still stuns me when she smiles and then the sun hits her green-as-envy eyes with an unreal blue halo.
Or I could try to describe the fathomless fortune of her highest heart.
Do you still believe in such a thing?
We stayed the same age we’ve ever been, in love and each other’s arms.
I will be strong and well again.
For her.
I can.
I am.
All to make her smile and laugh and never cry, even more today than those dazed decades ago, when we first kissed and Portland stoplights were missed at midnight.
She complains I make her sound too good to be true.
Those who know Amy know too, I am not yet that good a man or writer.
But I’m still trying.
She is my light at the top.
I can never quit climbing.

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