Friday, February 17th, 2017 – 5:59 pm

He named me for the burning coal in my newborn mouth. I defended faith for frozen eons. I waited silent for my only task and yet it finished after brief millennia and floods of wrath. My sword charred the branches and archives of earthly wisdom and their stench of death. History, freedom, empathy. Empty and grotesque. Skeptics and saints alike and all their senseless scrolls of little worth. 

Abel was my first charge, until Cain opened his mind with the first spray of red on earth. But I never moved from post or calling for the cries of the second born. I blocked their chance at the horror of eternal life in their rotting shells. And I did it with nothing more than my name and an ageless burning blade. With mere legend, I’ll save mankind from themselves, until my coal flickers at the first drops of the final rain.

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