Day in Disorder

Thursday, March 9th, 2017 – 12:01 am

“Day in Disorder”

Wake up
Twitch, smile, Hi
How are you, Fine
Here’s your cup, get up
I have time or do I?
Brawn takes me to stash
helps me sift through
unbroken glass
and dreams of
hashtags, Alice
Dawn in better times,
brightest in morning,
blight to mourning blues
with her sunny smile
and golden greens
Friends take me to task
and school me in
prose, verses, cons
and constant kindness
killing the blue genes
I almost can’t get them
off in time to pee
I lost love and legs and time
and maybe my mind but
I don’t cry or do I?
Shaking gasping grasping canes
begging asking focus slowdowns
toomanysights toomanysounds 
God in religion, heave
heaven and hell that help
toll the bells in between.
Every day, I got this
if I just try or do I?

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