Persistence of Memories and Get Ready, Child

Monday, March 13th, 2017 – 9:32 am

“Persistence of Memories”

I wander with
Hands full
and Regrettable.

Dropping tones,
noisome notes
sung and strung,
bitter clues across
wrinkled gray moss,
sand so soft.

Loving pointers,
crumbs and
hours Witch
clash and crash
to scratch an
inside itch.

Meld and melt
inside my
first place
and count
to your
softer face.

Lush lashes,
burnt dreams
of will versus fate.



“Get Ready, Child”

It is easier to love others than yourself, child. You will accept this when you are grown and your eyes have finally opened, like mine. Get ready.

The key is to remember only we are worthy of love.
We are special. 
We are better.
Get ready, child.
The world is changing.
The darks have their own marches now.
The fairies have laws now. 
Unnatural unions persist between protestants and catholics.
We even got filthy saracens in our midst.
For now.
But with God’s help, we are cleaning house.
For good.
Part of loving others is to accept your calling to rule at the head of the table over lesser creatures in God’s plan. And to take a stand when others will not. To crush satan with your bootheel. And his followers, if need be.
Just like Jesus told the woman caught in adultery to sin no more you filthy whore, it is still our job to kick our sons out of the house and stop talking to them, when they say they think they love men. Or our daughters with women. Love is tough. Look at the cross.
We’ll force feed them true love like they’ve never seen. This one’s gonna leave a mark, you watch. Get ready, child.

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