journey entries

Thursday, April 27th, 2017 – 4:11 am

twenty fifteen, july
a father falls to final care. a son stumbles into suns, burning news, driving from the truth, lost and confused. worlds are no longer the same and fifth a day can’t drown that bright a pain.

twenty fifteen, october
a son receives the final call dad has died. he can’t breathe right. but he only coded and is brought to life. both our hearts stop and restart that night.

twenty sixteen, june
pat, why are you shaking

twenty sixteen, july
keys trade me for canes

twenty seventeen, april
our father is gone for good, for now, for sure. but I’ve roamed someone else for almost a year. pain and quiet buy a peace and final release, easy to endure. if faith grows cold, just hope and hold my heart even more.

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