Kinder Tinder

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017 – 12:18 pm

“24 hours?”

“No. You keep asking that.”

Her expression stone, her eyes move alone. She is really six foot tall. She only pretended to be so small.

“You have 30 minutes left,” she warns him.

If her lips moved up into a smile, you couldn’t have made or measured it.

“Will it hurt?” he asks.

“Oh for g… yes, you damned fool. Why would it be painless after everything we covered. Are you ready to relent? Recant? Or you can’t? Repent?”

“I said I was sorry!” he yelled.

Sam crawled back to silent sobbing, as if that could save a man. Soiled and sand running out of legs he would never use again. The stains on his couch told more of a story than he got a final warning to share.

“Nobody wants to see me, Sam. Nobody really wants one of us in the sheets. You should have thought twice. We have five minutes left. Let let me read it one more time.” she taunted in glassy still tone:

“I’m the man you need! Do you believe my Word when I say women are the weaker sex? Call me old fashioned but I’m man enough to want an angel in the streets and devil in the sheets! LOL I’ve broken a few hearts and you’re not the last. Are you strong enough to take a chance?!”

“You have a couple seconds left, Sam. Anything else for the camera? Anything for the parents of the girls I found? The ones I could talk to and the ones too broken to?” Angel asked.

“No! Are you…? Are you real?”

Sams sobs were real now. They always are when you feel your cord tug across the gray bridge.

“Of course, honey. I’m the lover you asked for and lady you never expected.”

Seconds to spare, now she was clearly smiling, once again. Every hundred years, seconds span for such a burnt soul undone.

“Oh honey, nobody believes angels are real until they meet one.”


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