Who Broke Me

Friday, June 30th, 2017 – 4:48 pm

“Who Broke Me”

If you’ve sat in my writers den, you’ve smelled one two-three-oh p.m. as easily as in a.m. again and again, any pair o’ empathetic systems can. Welcome on in, freely, if you would and will, if you’re experienced, you’ve already heard my story in fits and sparks, so much better than sun and sin impart. I’m tragicomedied wrong order from stop to stem to stammer lives stamen to start. I must’ve ordered it thus colored when the blood of us still acted like brothers.

I saw hell and heaven and tripped their liars in their own lairs, incognito in the lovely inbetweens. Why weren’t you there? I made a pact and a vow to save a killer, warm without whine and crushed by my own plush pushed pillars. I’ve met principalities you pretend to command. They’re not amused, mortal man.

I dreamed dreams from the beginning, wandering in tesseracts stretched farther than your doctrine taxed. I tasted magics you miss and mock while you’re faking miracles with dirty silver, wood and cloth.

I don’t always expose myself, but you’ve funded fare, fair and far. Part of my condition is an engine on my arm. Act my age, children, and save yourself some harm. Pair o’ Bulls both sighs of me, truth hid inside, for all you A’s and B’s to See I deal with eternal effing geometric sight.

That starts all my fucking fights. From family and friends and foes, some over to win, I slept and sliced my roots and vines to ribbons. I’ll make an isle maze from oils and lace for us to ease the fiction. “I” am the first word I was beaten for, too syllabic, hard and Different.

Who broke me but me. Who I am will say. It was someone wise and giving, only an honoree another day. I gathered my hidden pieces from your golds and gods and games, to rearrange the seasons, different man once again.

2 thoughts on “Who Broke Me

  1. I read this in poem form and the alliteration made my eyes stutter and cross. I read in paragraphs, same words telling the tale sentence upon sentence and I easily navigated with meaning intact.


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