Son of the Morning and Only Today is Key

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 – 1:01 am

“Son of the Morning”

I hit your home in
twice broken form
Yet dust to dust was
never offered us

Our light faded
blackest night fell
mining my throne
carving my spell

Third of the Stars
our choir aligns
savoring mens wails
sweetest of wines

Chained to your house,
whipped with your regret
We swore the final vow
They’ll ever pay Your debt

“Only Today is Key”

Tumblers align like swift and
morning star, red, and blue,
the giant, ringed, and ice giant,
the dwarf and big blue

You feel it in your bones,
the dying of the guard,
cracking Joseph’s cell and
Methuselah cries no more

Days and nights lose face
bodies move again in rhythm
turning, spinning, burning
killing love and wisdom

Today alone is key
Tragedy, ecstasy, loss,
testing grace by faith and
screams from burning dross

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